5L Hand Sanitiser Gel 


Extra Effective 80% - UK Manufactured

Our Sanitiser complies with BOTH European BSEN 1276 & BSEN 1500 standards, making it the highest quality sanitiser available at half the price of many lesser grade products.

Sanitiser has now become part of our daily life and many companies are trying to capitalise on this by charging extortionately high prices for their products. 

At UK Sanitiser, we aim to provide ethically priced, UK Manufactured Sanitiser to counter sub-standard and even counterfeit hand sanitiser that has found its way into the countries supply chain. 


Our 5 litre hand sanitiser is our most popular large size. It is light enough for staff to carry around and fill dispenser and has a large enough volume to last a long time.

Available with a screw top as standard but you can also fit a 38mm pump if desired.

Great gel viscosity for sanitiser dispensers, this is not a liquid rub or spray.

- Extra effective 80% Alcohol content effective at killing 99.9% of bacteria.

- Quick dry formula, no water or rinse required.

- BS EN 1276 Tested and compliant.

- BS EN 1500 Tested and compliant.

- Made in the UK.

Perfect for but not limited to:

Schools & Sports Halls

Pubs & Restaurants

Office spaces & Reception areas


Retail shops




Our sanitiser offers a large volume refill in a single container, making this an environmentally responsible option.

Our hospital-grade Ethyl Alcohol 80% Gel is fragrance-free with no ringsing required.

Bottles / Containers Price
5L Gel Sanitiser Refill  only  £16.95 each

Trusted by Many

As sub-standard and unregulated, imported  sanitiser has found its way into the United Kingdom’s supply chain, we are trusted by companies large and small as their chosen sanitser supplier.